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The "Good Guys" hand on the baton at Butlers

Published June 09, 2017

The Friday night unofficial social club at Butlers Hotel has seen the changing of the guard with Norton Moller and Bert Seamark handing on ‘official’ book keeping duties to the younger generation. The two Jimmy’s - Jim Lawn and Jim Duff are now taking care of the groups’ finances.

The group of locals who have gone by many names over the years including the ‘cabinet meeting’  have been gathering together at Butlers for decades. It’s not an opportunity to get drunk but more to (as one patron puts it) talk “butterfat and bullshit”  and many of the local males gather for a natter, where age is no barrier, nor religion, vocation, politics or preference of beer.  They set the world to rights with their deliberations then go off home satisfied they have done their bit for the world.  Each Friday will see up to a dozen or more gather at Butlers, buy their beers and a ticket which goes into the draw at the end of the session and a lucky member gets a free beer or two. It is a bone fide group with its own fundraising.  These funds are used once a year to take the ladies out for dinner either at Butlers or some other establishment.
Norton and Bert have been the custodian of these funds up until recently and by all accounts have done a fine job.  The group honoured these stalwarts with a ceremonial cap at a recent dinner and I’m sure they will both wear these caps with pride.

Long may the tradition continue.
by Kim Ferens

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Kaitake Farm Gets Growing

Published March 11, 2017

On the warm verdant slopes of the Kaitake Ranges a growing project is evolving. The sustainably managed plot of land is the brainchild of two ambitious young men – Toby Dixon and Ryan Gut. They have called their project Kaitake Farm – the name being significant because Kaitake means ‘source or abundance of food’ and this is what they hope to produce – an abundance of food for the community.

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The Three Mustangeers

Published March 12, 2016

Way back in 2014 possibly earlier three locals were dreaming of owning the soon to be released first ever factory made right hand drive Ford Mustang. 

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Oakura Consultation

Published November 28, 2015

Oakura a growing community, discussion document. What do you think? Kaitake Community Board and Focus Group 2015.

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Markets and Mayhem

Published August 04, 2015

As many of you will know I recently travelled to Morocco for a Peta Mathias Culinary Experience and then onto France and Spain for a few weeks.

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