Oakura Probus

Published January 03, 2019

We are part of the Probus South Pacific Ltd that was started on the Kapiti coast of N.Z in 1974 and has grown over the years since then. Its role is to serve the members of our local community. Our motto of Friendship, Fellowship and Fun are the core of probus.

We are a not for profit organisation, we are a caring group that support our members through trying times as we age. Our aim is to have fun and meet up with like minded members once a month. Members benefits include travel, and travel insurance, at a very reasonable cost, so if you are thinking of travelling overseas probus insurance is aimed at our age group.

We as a club have guest speakers each month and a morning tea. Twice a year we like to have an outing whether it be a luncheon or a bus trip, and in June we have our mid-winter xmas lunch at local restaurants. November we usually do a bus trip, and this year it was to Pukeiti. What a great day had by all!! Lunch at the Founders cafe was well received thanks to Graham & Karen for the welcome and amazing food, then we were off down to the Lighthouse and boat club at Warea where we were given a very informative talk and tour of the rescue boat.

December Christmas meeting is a special meeting with entertainment and a scrumptious morning tea. We hold our meetings on the 3rd Friday of the month at the Oakura Bowling Club pavilion and if you are interested in joining our President is Brenda Ryan 7511633, and Secretary Gwen Jury 7527783. Please just give them a call.