Local musical talent on show

Published August 08, 2018

Local students Aster Danenhauer pictured top right and Kim De Vantier pictured bottom right have been chosen to perform with the Taranaki Symphony Orchestras concert on 1st September.

Aster was chosen as one of the finalist at the Concerto Competition run by the orchestra in April and was invited to be one of the student stars to play the movement from her concerto accompanied by the orchestra at Theatre Royal.

Aster (11 years old) plays and performs on the piano at a very high standard especially considering her age says Jocelyn Beath, concert organiser.

Aster started playing piano while living in Salt Lake City, Utah when she was six years old. Since that time she has had a passion for piano and music in general. She has weekly practices with piano teacher Holly Jones and spends around an hour a day practicing at home. Dad Mark says neither him or Aster’s mum are particularly musical but they all enjoy music. Aster’s grandmother plays the piano. Mark thinks Aster will enjoy performing at the concert and it will showcase the hardwork she has put into the piano. Other than piano she enjoys climbing, karate, and other sports, such as basketball. She loves spending time in the great outdoors and has been hiking and camping her whole life. Aster moved to Oakura with her family in 2015 and has fallen in love with New Zealand.

Kim De Vantier is another local student featuring in the Taranaki Symphony Orchestra and she says she is inspired musically by working on new pieces and getting to explore a wide repertoire of music. It is so rewarding to learn a piece, and after studying it in detail, have it come together in the end for a performance. Whether as part of an orchestra, in an ensemble, or solo, performing is always exhilarating. In the music world, there is always something happening, which she loves because it never becomes boring and it’s great to always have something to work on next.

Kim goes on to say she has been studying with her flute teacher Jocelyn Beath for around eight years and is incredibly grateful to her for sharing her knowledge and support. Kim thinks she is an inspiration and amazing mentor to all of her students here in Taranaki.

Since picking up the flute when she was eight, music has become a passion.

Now 9 years later, Kim attends New Plymouth Girls’ High School and still loves playing the flute. She is also learning piano and taking part in Youth Orchestra and Concert Band. Kim says “I am excited to see where music will take me in the future.
I do my best to practice every day, but the weekends are when I really get into my music and I can work on it almost all day.

My Mum and Dad have always encouraged me to pursue music. I wouldn’t be able to do as much as I do without their love and support”.

It will be a great night out to see all the students perform so mark it in your calender.