Basement is home to boutique brewery

Published May 16, 2018

In the heart of Oakura, below the cozy home life of a family of five, a basement brewery has sprung to life. The brewery is called Three Sisters Brewery and began with a small home brew kit put together by Joe and a couple of friends, Charlie and Ben. The group enjoyed hanging out together with their families and partaking of the latest batch of freshly brewed beer.

The small batch production means the beer is always fresh and Joe says “fresh is best” with the flavour profile the sharpest when it is first brewed.

Joe is the master brewer and has meticulously put the new brewing equipment together and his eye for and attention to detail has ensured a spectacular product which is now being sold at Butlers Bottle Store, the 4 Square, Peeking Panda, Black Sands and other outlets in New Plymouth (Liquorland Fitzroy and Motorua Four Square).

The name Three Sisters Brewery pays homage to the couples three daughters and to the three sisters landmark at Tongaporoutu.

The beers are:

Oakura Blonde: Life should be easy, and so should drinking beer. It doesn’t come much easier than this Blonde Ale. Pilsner, Wheat and Toffee Malts; Pacific Jade Hops and California Ale Yeast with water drawn from Oakura’s aquifer. Kick back and enjoy!

Medusa, APA: Medusa Hops are a new species of hops, native to Colorado and New Mexico, which produce unique new hop aromas. There are plenty in this APA, along with other rare American varieties El-Dorado and Azacca. Golden Hops and Vienna Malts finish off the flavour profile.

Hot Rod: When Doug Bell from the Hot Rod Show asked to feature the beer on the show, Joe and Sarah had to brew something special. He said his viewers would like something that tasted of burnt rubber, but this Manuka-smoked Lager was the best they could do. Also includes Munich and Vienna Hops and Weihenstephan Lager Yeast, smokin’…

Taranaki Gold, Pilsner: El Dorado Hops are the main feature of this Pilsner. El Dorado means country of treasure and that is certainly how Joe and Sarah feel about Taranaki. They have also added Simcoe, Mosaic, Chinook, and Eureka Hops to give a uniquely fruity flavour to this golden brew.

Rain in the Face: This was only the second recipe ever brewed. Picking random hops over a few beers one evening...they seem to work well together, especially against the background of Marris Otter Malt.

Joe is adamant having top quality ingredients in his beer and the unique profile of Oakura’s water has helped make the beer the award winning brew it is. Rain in the Face - an American Pale Ale has twice won awards - first at the Homebrew awards then at the Brewers Guild Awards last year. In July Three Sisters Brewery will be representing Taranaki with Venture Taranaki at the Auckland Food Show.

Joe and Sarah’s passion and hard work has meant something that started as a hobby has grown into a profitable business with potential to put Taranaki on the craft beer map. Currently Three Sisters Brewery is one of very few breweries in Taranaki and locals and tourists alike are enjoying partaking of a truly homegrown product.

Look out for the distinctively Taranaki labels in the beer fridge and try the range - there’s sure to be one that fits the palate of all keen beer drinkers and occasional quaffers alike.

By Kim Ferens