Tuesday 27 February - Kaitake Ranges Conservation Trust AGM

Published February 24, 2018

Butlers Reef back bar, Tuesday 27th February @6.30, followed by a presentation from the Taranaki Kiwi Trust @ 7.30.

Twelve months ago I reported on the 10 years of activity that the Okato Development Trust had put in to keep the Sefton Ridge track operative for public use.

The last twelve months have been very successful for us as we have achieved several goals that were planned.

First, we have a new signed agreement with the Department of Conservation under our new name of “Kaitake Ranges Conservation Trust”.

Second, we have successfully applied to the TSB Community Trust to upgrade some gear and buy another 30 Traps, 10 of which are gas operated self setting kill traps.  Keen interest will be taken on how successful we feel these traps are. 

With the 30 traps we have started 3 new trapping lines which different committee members are monitoring. We now monitor 68 stoat traps. Most importantly we have continued to maintain the Sefton Ridge Track to a high standard but also clip and snip the Waimoku track on our way round. 

It is very satisfying to know that the public are taking advantage of our efforts with the track getting a lot of use.

The next stage:

Our plans are to hold a public meeting after our AGM at Butlers Reef Hotel back bar. This will help us gauge the interest of local people in what we are doing.  We are keen to increase our numbers to enable us to increase the number of trap lines. They are a commitment, we target weekly monitoring or at least every 2 weeks so it will keep any volunteers fit!

Self setting traps cost us $149.50 and the Haines stoat traps cost us $85.00 should you wish to sponsor one!

We would love to have Kiwi return to the Kaitakes. While we are making an effort with the small pests, addressing possums, cats and dogs is an issue with much debate.

If you are interested in how we run, you are invited to our AGM starting at 6.30pm Tuesday 27th February.

At 7.30 Michelle Bird from the Taranaki Kiwi Trust will give us an update on Kiwi and effective trapping in the National Park and information on what’s required before Kiwi could be re-established in the Kaitakes again.

If you would like to hear what Michelle has to say or want to be involved, but not into AGM’s, just come along at 7.30 Tuesday 27th February.

Rob McGregor

PS last years catch: 114 rats, 20 weasels’, 14 stoats.