The Most FM Broadcasting in Oakura

Published November 15, 2017

The Most 100.4FM radio station has been on the local airwaves since 1993 and recently began broadcasting in Oakura on a new frequency - 107.4FM.  The station has also upgraded their stream to 3X the quality for enhanced bass - all good news for listeners who like a ‘richly’ local content.

And Rich is no play on words.  Local Oakura resident Richie Shearer has been instrumental in helping drive the station’s success. With it’s roots back in student radio at WITT in the 90’s the station has evolved into a registered charitable trust with funding coming from donations and grants.  The trust is run by a board of eight trustees.

Richie says the content is strongly kiwi with almost 50% New Zealand content.  The content is also as broad as the minds of the presenters with an emphasis on new alternative music.  Rather than the music being a mix of about 300 songs as presented by many ‘mainstream’ stations, the mix numbers in the 1000’s.

Local Oakura residents will recognise many of the presenters who are ‘villagers’:
Richie presents the business hour and the Friday Free For All.
Allan Day presents the Drive Show every Wednesday and Thursday and provides cover for the Breakfast Show.
Paul Christophers joins Allan on the Voices Show roster.
Rowan Oldfield and Mike Dunn presents the Weekender sessions.
Ross Bennett presents Pandoras Box - 100% retro.
Other well known music buffs who volunteer are Graham Donlon, Peter Bennett, Hilary Bennett, Virginia Winder and Andy Bassett among others.
Station manager and breakfast host is Jack Irving.  Jack presents a daily surf and snow report - possibly the only radio station to do this daily.  Jack also presents a weekly chat with the Mayor Neil Holdom, local MP Jonathan Young, and an employment lawyer, iwi leaders, Art Gallery news, youth views on news and films and the Chamber of Commerce.

The many genres of music are represented through these presenters with shows called Under the Mic and Kiwiana Show, the Latino Show, the Reggae Hour, Taranaki Sounds, Long Play Show, Jurassic Tracks, Waxing Lyrical, Worldwide Music and Jazz, Bell St Blues Show, Drum ’N Bass, Voices, 100% Retro, Music without Frontiers, Saints and Sinners, Old Cobblers Show, Kaleidoscope, Eclectique and Beats, Rhymes and Life.

Allan Day says he loves his time working as a volunteer at The Most.  Retirement from full time employment as a school principal has freed him up to indulge his passion for music by presenting music shows on The Most.  He says he would rather now listen to music than watch TV such is the dearth of good content on aforementioned visual medium.

The Most FM is more than just an alternative independent music radio station.  The station is proactively community minded with strong links to TAFT, WOMAD and local gigs.  The station promotes Sunday sessions at Butlers Hotel and recently hosted Big Daddy Wilson and his band at the hotel.  The station also has a daily community notice section.

If you haven’t tuned into The Most on their dedicated frequency for Oakura on 107.4FM or streamed live from The Most’s website, it might be time to check out their web page and select a slot that suits your taste - you will probably be pleasantly surprised by how unlike any other radio show it sounds like.  Perhaps another example of how unique we are here in second best region in the world! 

By Kim Ferens