Speedster Donate $50 to Local Club

Published April 13, 2016

Sign up for Speedster Ultrafast Fibre and $50 donated to Oakura Boardriders Club.

Locally owned and operated IT company Naki Cloud has its heart firmly set in Oakura/Omata. Two of its shareholder/directors live in the community – Ryan Eagar and Michael Perrett – their children go to local schools and attend local clubs and participate in local sports and activities. Both families are keen to make a difference in their community and one way they choose to do this is by offering the best internet solutions to Oakura residents.

Naki Cloud have done this by building their own high tech Data Centre in New Plymouth and staffing it with trained technicians. What most of us want (and most of us don’t really understand the complex world of IT, fibre, broadband, VoIP, IPS etc) is to talk (and by talk I mean ring up and have the phone answered by a human being in our own country, preferably local) to someone (not in Mumbai or Manila) within seconds and not be placed in a priority queue for hours. Naki Cloud do this and who would have thought it would be a point of difference here in Taranaki!

So to understand what has been happening in our streets and neighbourhoods.

Ultrafast Fibre Ltd have built the broadband network (laying underground fibre optic cables) in Oakura (and New Plymouth) – a government initiative. UFF then sell access to that network to broadband providers such as Naki Cloud. Naki Cloud offer an internet and home phone service to customers called Speedster.

A phone call to Naki Cloud would be the first phone call you make to access the new fast internet service and Naki Cloud arrange for the UFF crew to come and discuss the installation process with you which involves scoping your property for the best access to your house with the least disturbance. You are then placed in a queue for installation which is currently taking about 8 weeks. The cost to get ultrafast broadband to every home in Oakura village is zero – it is fully subsidised by the government. This government initiative is not always going to be available for free so residents should consider getting fibre installed while the free offer is available. It will add value to each property and of course provide fast internet.

Speedster through the Naki Cloud Data Centre ensures:

- Customers have continual high speed internet (no diminishing upload and download speeds as more people jump online)
- Top end modem supplied
- Local technicians who are not call centre operator
- No loss of phone connection during changeover
- Unlimited data
- Unlimited back up service and help
- Web hosting
- Business packages
- Future proofed network.

Damien Kiss is the Speedster sales manager and along with Ryan is passionate about providing high speed internet to customers in the community – being able to provide a high end product to happy customers is immensely satisfying to the pair. As Ryan points out, he has to live amongst the community and if you don’t supply a good product then everyone will tell you in no uncertain terms!

The term Speedster most iconically refers to comic book characters (Flash) who have super human powers which they perform at super fast speeds. Ryan and Damien may not have super human powers and are not cartoon characters but they have ensured a super fast super reliable internet service for Taranaki people.

Contact Damien to discuss your ultrafast broadband requirements and find out how he can help you achieve lightning fast access to the www. As a bonus Naki Cloud are donating $50 to the Boardriders Club for the skatepark for each household who sign up for Speedster.

phone 06 2811686