A Close Shave for Jo for a Good Cause

Published March 10, 2015

Joanne Kelly-Cook is bravely going where not many of us would dare to go – bald! But all for a good cause and Jo wants your help in helping her reach her donation goal.

Jo has decided to shave her hair off to raise money for the Shave for a Cure charity.

This charity can be found at shaveforacure.co.nz

It would be fair to say most of us take our hair for granted – its on our head, we wash it and brush it (sorry no offence to those who are naturally bald), it keeps us warm and makes us hot, it gets in our eyes and drops in our food; we dye it, we cut it, style it and sometimes chew it, are often found twiddling it but we’d never contemplate cutting if off. Which makes this shave and charity so poignant. As Jo contemplates losing her hair the pain of it was clear but also the determination to help.

We all know hair falls out when you undergo cancer treatment and Jo says shaving her hair off is a way for her to stand in arms with people who are going through cancer treatment. She says it will be a privilege to shave it off even though it will be tough.

Jo lost her beautiful mother to cancer in 2012 and this is one way to help raise awareness to the cause and raise funds to help. The Shave for a Cure charity is dedicated to supporting patients and their families living with a blood cancer. Six Kiwi’s a day are diagnosed with a blood cancer or related condition.

Jo’s daughter Lhasa has also joined in and last year shaved her hair off then donated the hair to Pantene to make wigs for those who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Jo will shave her hair off in Shave Week 23-29 March and if you would like to be the one doing the shaving via a special bid let Jo know via her link on the Shave for a Cure website. Type in Joanne Kelly-Cook and follow the directions to donate and message her. Jo aims to raise $5000 and is well on her way but she needs your help so please support her brave move to shave her hair off.