Oakura Community Conversation with the Mayor

Published August 28, 2014

On Tuesday 26 August the Mayor Andrew Judd and fellow Councillors held a community discussion called “Shaping our future together” in Oakura.

A good few locals turned out for the discussion. Discussions were had in small groups before ideas were shared with the wider group.

Discussions covered ideas such as: what makes us unique; where would we like to be in 20 years.

Mayor Judd talked briefly about the Perpetual Investment Fund managed via TIML and the shortfall between expenditure and income and what to do about the shortfall i.e. raise rates, cut services.


Questions from the group were invited and topics covered ranged from parking at Weld Rd, sponsored beach patrols, a community swimming pool, the Long Term Plan and what is in the pipeline for Oakura, the role of community boards, cars on the beach, Maori seats, a walkway and a toilet block.

Everyone was heard but as far as conversation regarding these issues goes – it was very limited i.e. take note of that and move on.

Mayor Judd can be applauded for wanting to get out into the community and giving communities a voice. I think he is a very enthusiastic and honest leader with a strong moral compass but I doubt that much will change at the grass roots level for the community of Oakura because of this conversation but then did anyone really think it would?