Seeds Coastal Organics Move Closer to Oakura

Published July 04, 2014

Seed Coastal Organics are no longer in Okato but more conveniently located at 223 Ahu Ahu Rd.

If you are after anything organic then this is the place to come.

The range of organic produce – fresh, dry or packaged can be found in Annie Newman’s organic shop.

For convenience you can ring and order goods; you can call in when the shop is open (see opening hours below); you can message Ann through Facebook ( and when the Seed Coastal Organics website is up and running, on there also.

The philosophy behind Annie’s passion for organics is eating well to be healthy throughout all the stages of life. Eating well starts a long time before you put the food in your mouth – it starts with growing systems based on the permaculture ethos of being responsible producers and not dependent consumers. Annie says everything she brings onto her property must have three uses and be designed to “save” resources and everything must be used to its potential.

The Seed Coastal Organic shop is an Aladdin’s cave of goodies and you will find bulk bins of dry goods (flour, sugar, legumes, pulses etc), Trade Aid goods, natural sweetners, cosmetics, cleaners, health products (teas, essential oils, vitamins, minerals), eco laundry range, fresh fruit and veges, bulk olive oil, vinegar, garden and animal products (fossil flour – diatomaceous powder), cook books, dairy free ice cream to name but a few.

Contact Annie to arrange your family’s health, 0279107296 or 7527297.

The shop winter hours are Thursday and Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 12.30-4pm.