All in the Family for the Jones

Published June 03, 2014

The Jones family of Omata are a sporty bunch and this weekend competed in the Christchurch Airport Marathon.

Roger at 50+ competed in his first marathon and finished 240th with a time of 4.07. 426 people completed the marathon so great effort Roger.

William, 18 years, completed the half marathon in 28th place and a time of 1.16. He finished second in his age group. 1753 people completed the half marathon.

Charlotte, 15 years, also completed the half marathon in 555th place and a time of 1.48.

Annabel, 13 years, completed the 10kms in 463th place and in a time of 59 minutes. 1043 people completed the 10kms.

Catherine, 40+, also completed the 10km in 59 minutes and in 474th place.

Team Jones were very happy with themselves as they should be. The conditions at the start were frigid to say the least zero degrees!

William is currently studying at Canterbury University so it is a real possibility Team Jones maybe back to compete again. Time for training Roger!