Faeces is not Fun in Oakura

Published April 16, 2014

Pick up the poo – Letter to the Editor – Taranaki Daily News Online - © Fairfax NZ News

A few years ago a letter from local identity Jim Hickey was printed in the Daily News. He wrote about the mess around Oakura from local dogs littering the streets of the village . . . well Jim, I can tell you nothing has changed, in fact the situation may be even worse now.

I have walked each day and I’ve noticed how much dog excrement there is both on the grass verges and on the footpaths.

I think this past week has seen even more ”mounds” appearing and I think it’s because with the end of daylight saving, dog owners are taking their dogs for walks during darker mornings/evenings and, as they aren’t being seen, under cover of darkness, they are not bothering to pick up after their animals.

If people want dogs they should be responsible and clean up whatever they leave behind. If they’re too lazy to do that, they shouldn’t own a dog.

This morning I walked with a friend noticing how awful it looks, especially Warau Road, then suddenly my friend slipped up. She had trodden in yet another lot of dog and almost ended up on the ground. She cricked her neck trying to keep her balance – no exaggeration!

Children use the path to go to school, often in bare feet, so dog- owning residents of Oakura, get your act together. You are breaking the law by allowing your dogs to fowl the streets of Oakura.

Sue Verbeet