Go Cookie!

Published March 07, 2014

Craig Cook and his team of ‘keen as’ athletes are about to tackle (Saturday 8th March) the GODzone Adventure Race and Craig updates us on progress just as the race is about to begin.

Over the last six months we have been doing heaps of training.

We have been caught in gales and rain on the mountain, done some fun night trips up on the Pouakai’s and rafting where a rat jumped in the boat and I screamed like a little girl and jumped out tipping the boat over much to everyone’s amusement.

The last couple of weekends we have been away doing some real endurance. The other weekend we went from Okoki to the Matemateaonga track via Whangamomona, 73km over some very challenging tracks.

Then a 41km trek into the Pouri hut and finally a 99km Mountain bike ride to Brixton via everywhere.

We have got two changes to our team: We are now Taranaki Hardcore 225 thanks to sponsorship from THC. Grant Hildred comes into the team to replace John Ruemers.


Grant is a local boy from Omata and is more than capable to filling the space in the team as he is a previous Coast to Coast two day Vet winner from back in the days when the event sold out and he did the amazing time of 12h 40min.

People will be able to follow our progress and see if we make it by going to the www.godzoneadventure.com website and from the 8th of March they can watch the tracking system and see what discipline and part of the course we are up to.

Good luck Taranaki Hardcore 225!