TOM Goes Colour

Published February 04, 2014

This year is going to be the best TOM year ever!  TOM-Oakura is now printed in colour and the first issue (February) looks awesome.

Credit firstly has to go to Andrea Leadbetter from TGM who gave me the option of going colour at a similar price to black and white.

Andrea is passionate about her local community and I for one appreciate her dedication to helping local businesses be successful. It was a smart move giving me a quote for colour and shows a business leader who is in touch with the industry and her clients.  I wouldn’t have known otherwise, that a new printing process had been developed that makes colour printing competitive.

Let’s face it; print media has been in decline since the internet gathered momentum, with information available at the click of a mouse.  In saying that there is still a place for relevant information in print form and being able to produce the TOM magazine in colour has widened it’s already popular appeal.

The team at TGM has made the transition from black and white to colour seamless – they are all professionals and talented in their field of expertise so thank you.

The end result speaks for itself!

Many of the TOM’s advertisers have changed over to colour ads and their response has included such words as “AMAZING – the ad jumps off the page now!”

I’m delighted with the design of the front cover – it looks fresh and classy – thanks Alex from Graphic Activity.

The tireless work of my other graphic guru Ron goes beyond the pale – he always comes up with great lay outs and creative designs.

He of course is still wandering – travelling the country in his caravan so I never know where each deadline will find him or what or which location will inspire his creativity!

Just as it takes a community to raise a child, it also takes a community to make a successful community magazine – local news about local people from the people to the people for the people – go the TOM!