Omata School Prize Giving

Published February 03, 2014

Congratulations to our year 8 students who received the school cups for 2013

Community Cup for Arts and Culture   Amber Donald

Home and School Cup for Sporting Excellence   Maisie Jones and David Robinson

Staff Cup for Responsibility Annabel Jones

Principal’s Cup for Leadership Sarai Smith

Board of Trustees’ Cup for Academic Excellence Xavier Johnson

Thank you to our four lead ambassadors in 2013 for a successful and productive year and for the care and leadership they have shown.

Best wishes to all our 2013 leavers for a wonderful start to your high school years.

Through the Student Council, which is lead by the ambassadors, and the Garden Club, students are taking responsibility and ‘ownership’ of their environment and the actions of their fellow students.

What’s on Top

After some comprehensive community and self reviews last year, we remain strong in our commitment to our vision of having; ‘A supportive environment challenging children to become responsible learners’.

Since the introduction of the Omata Curriculum Delivery Document in 2009, we have seen the growth of our ‘learning to learn’ culture, and a whole school commitment to the ‘Omata Way’, as it is expressed in the document.

This tangible development of a culture where everyone is taking responsibility for their actions and learning has us all ‘singing from the same song sheet’. With our words and with our actions, we reflect the values and vision of Omata School and it is wonderful to see this reflected by our community also. As Ernest Rutherford said about New Zealand, “We don’t have the money, so we have to think”.

We may not have a big budget, but what we do have is great thinkers and I’ll take that over money any day.

We are looking forward to a nice warm swimming season and our camp out for senior students.

Coming Events


12 Information Evening
13 Playgroup Starts 9-11am fortnightly on Thursdays in the hall
20 Year 5-8 Camp Out at school
26 Y5-6 Tough Kids Challenge
28 Omata Triathlon


4 Swimming Display Day
10 Taranaki Anniversary
18 Y5/6 Athletics at Okato
20 Y7/8 Athletics at Okato
26/27 3D Conferences

School finishes 12pm

Karen Brisco