Oakura – The Happiest Healthiest Place in Taranaki – Soon!

Published February 12, 2014

Year 7 & 8 students from Oakura School were captivated by motivational fitness guru Rowena Szeszeran-McEvoy or Rowie as she is to her audience – told the students they could be happy, healthy and successful.

Rowie’s approach of getting down and sitting on the floor in her designer outfit endeared her to the students and it wasn’t long before she had them singing and dancing about wee’s and poo’s!

Rowie is the co-founder of THE MAX – an international fitness business college for professionals and is a multi-millionaire and is in Taranaki giving talks on being happy and healthy.


Her approach is simple – it’s about how you look at things – rain is not a nuisance, it is free water falling out of the sky!

She believes if you want to do something then go out and achieve it. Do what you love doing and it won’t be hard to achieve.

It is instantly clear Rowie is enjoying being with the students and even though she has probably told her stories dozens and dozens of times, she is excited about the stories and her audience – she loves it and her genuineness and enthusiasm is infectious.

She challenged the students to make Oakura the happiest and healthiest place in the region in five easy steps

Be happy – you decide to be happy

Drink more water – drink more water till you get clear wee’s.

Eat more fruit and vegetables – not because it’s healthy but because they make you poo i.e. once or twice a day. Make it a priority to eat more things from the ground and don’t follow a silly diet

Get huffy puffy four times a day – exercise till you gasp for breath (2 seconds, 2 minutes, 20 minutes) as this is burning fat even when you are sitting still and you get to feel great four times a day!

Get strong – get strong muscles not big muscles – overload your muscles to make them grow. Strong people are successful people – strong mentally and physically.  Bullies pick on people they see as weaker than themselves, so get strong. Do one press up today and two tomorrow and so on.

Oakura students will now be the happiest and healthiest in the region I’m sure and I’m picking they will be prompting their parents to be the same!