Oakura Beach Clean Up

Published February 24, 2014

Plastic bags, an old shoe and a tyre were just a few of the items collected by Oakura students on their annual beach clean-up day.

Oakura School beach clean-up was held on Friday 7th  February and was a huge success, with each pair of pupils gathering enough rubbish to fill several rubbish bags.

All twelve classrooms of Oakura School trekked across the beach or through the village, picking up any pieces of rubbish lying on the ground and littering our environment.

The thoughts of a nice cool swim and hot dog at the end of the clean-up were great incentives and kept everyone going.

A swim in the river was definitely a worthy reward for the hard work of the local school.

All the students had the opportunity to have a swim and a hot sausage prepared by the Friends of Oakura School (FOOS) committee.

The beach is clean for now, but we all know that in the future, the beach may need the help of Oakura School again.

By Hamish Goodhue, George Clarke, Jade Maulder and Portia Roper (aged 12 years).