Timely Reminders about Oakura Beach Use

Published November 13, 2013

Now that daylight saving has arrived and the first signs of summer begin to embrace our lives it is important to turn our attention to some issues along our beachfront that cause concern as more folk get out and about in this truly superb environment.

The first is about motor bikes on the beach and the beach track.

The community board regularly receives complaints from residents about this ongoing nuisance.

There are one or three regular transgressors, often travelling at speeds dangerous to other beach users and the same idiots seem to get perverse pleasure out of ripping up the beach track surface which has had many hours spent on upgrading it over the last few months.

For those who do continue to flout the Council Bylaw that controls vehicles in public areas here are the pertinent details yet again.

Beach Access – ‘No person may drive a vehicle on Oakura Beach – including those areas of beach and foreshore located between the Weld Road Rivermouth (Timaru Stream) to the west and the Tapuae River mouth to the east.  The public is entitled to take a boat down for launching as long as they do not leave their vehicle parked on the beach.’

And ‘No person may take, ride, or drive a vehicle in a public place except on any part of a public place set aside for vehicular traffic (e.g. a road).’

Another problem that escalates over summer relates to dogs on the beach.

We are particularly lucky to live in a very dog friendly place.  Did you know as at 15 March this year there were 327 registered dogs in Oakura?

It’s a great environment for a family pet, everyone seems to have one, and while there are some pretty special dogs living here, there are some important responsibilities for owners.

The bylaw that cover this is explicit.

Dog Control – Dogs are not allowed on the areas of Oakura Beach as set out below from 9am to 6pm daily during the period daylight saving for New Zealand is in force.

‘The foreshore and beach in the area between imaginary lines drawn directly to the sea from the eastern side of the vehicle entrance to the motor camp and from the western side of the end of Wairau Road.’

And at Corbett Park

‘That area of the Oakura River, beach, foreshore and adjoining land, bounded by the State Highway 45 road bridge, the true left bank of the river (Oakura village side), the eastern edge of the formed vehicle access through Corbett Park on the east side of the river (New Plymouth side) and an imaginary line drawn across the river in a line contiguous with and parallel to the seaward side of the building housing the Changing Rooms/Public toilets.’

Another issue often brought to the community board’s attention is with those dog owners who walk their dogs on the foreshore, the beach, through the campground or on other reserves but fail to clean up after their pet defecates on the ground.

This is the same ground over which other walkers and beach users travel and often where little kids play.

Once again there is a Council Bylaw that covers this particular issue.

It states: ‘The owner of any dog that defecates in a public place or on land or premises other than that occupied by the owner shall immediately remove the faeces from that place and dispose of it in a sanitary manner into a suitable receptacle.’

It is also timely as well to remind horse riders of their obligations over the summer months.

Horses – are not allowed on ‘Oakura Beach (including the foreshore and beach area located between the Ahu Ahu Road West of the Oakura Motor Camp to the west, and the Oakura River mouth to the east) from 9.00am to 6.00pm daily during the period daylight saving for New Zealand is in force.’

The beachfront provides a wonderful place to ride one’s horse or walk the dog but as beach users multiply during summer it is not possible to meet all the competing recreational uses without some restrictions in place.

If people have any concerns or would like to clarify what can and can’t be done on the beach, they’re welcome to contact council on 06-759 6060.

Finally on behalf of Keith Plummer, Mike Pillette, new member Paul Coxhead and Councillor representative Richard Jordan I wish to reiterate that the Board will continue to work hard for the whole district and its residents.

We are all only as far away as the phone or email and don’t forget that the Community Board maintains a Face Book page so all you FB social networking fiends out there can access the latest and the greatest about the board and its activities.

Ka kite ano,

Doug Hislop