Success for Oakura Pony Club

Published November 18, 2013

It’s been a busy fun time for Oakura Pony Club.

Oakura Gymkhana was a great success, congratulations to all our riders.

Winter Dressage congratulations to Molly Lumb Dressage Taranaki Winter Series Level 3 Champion selected for dressage NZ young rider training camp.

Winter Showhunter Series Pony Champion Maya Henderson.

North Taranaki Showhunter Champs Foxton team came second with Oakura riders Summer Henderson and Maya Henderson.

C Cert passes congratulations Isobella, Maeghan and Kate!.

Oakura held a jumping day at Waitara grounds. It was great to see Marlise enter with her daughter and win a ribbon.

It’s never too late to join Pony Club. Everyone made it such a fun day a big thank you for all support. Maeghan King did very well in the higher classes.

Oakura Arena use:
Please pick up a key from Heydon Priest BP Oakura for arena use, a bond will need to be paid. Also contact Pony Club if you would like a key for the season. Phone number the on sign at Pony Club.
We would like to thank Heydon Priest BP for supporting our Pony Club.

Please phone for next rally, and remember you can come mounted or unmounted, members welcome.