Omata School Cross Country

Published October 14, 2013

The weather was brilliant for our Omata Cross Country on the 6th September.

Well done to all students and congratulations to our place getters.




5 year: 1st Aliana Scholey  2nd Lola Crawshaw  3rd Haruna Saito
6 year: 1st Eva Niedermayr  2nd Emily Parkinson  3rd Sophie Campbell
7 year: 1st Libby Francis  2nd Jorja Eldershaw  3rd Charlotte Butler
8 year: 1st Kate Brooke 2nd Xanthe Messana-Pigott  3rd Shayne Ryan

1000 metres

9 year and under: Isabella Roebuck  2nd Yzamin Andrews  3rd Kate Brooke
10 year: 1st Yannika Harrop  2nd Jana Nidermayr  3rd Casey Feaver
11 year: 1st Megan Jones
12 year: 1st Annabel Jones  2nd Amber Donald 3rd Kate Logan
13 year: 1st Maisie Jones



5 year: 1st Luke Haldane  2nd Mitchell Fraser  3rd Riley Kidney
6 year: 1st Cooper James 2nd Keelan LeMaster 3rd Jack Campbell
7 year: 1st Thomas Logan  2nd Clayton Williams  3rd=James Mora/Strandyn Ripia
8 year: 1st Oliver McFarlane  2nd Stan Crawshaw

1000 metres

9 year and under: Jack Feaver  2nd Joshua Borostyan 3rd Reef Pratt
10 year: 1st Roy Avery  2nd Tim Hobson  3rd Kaleb Hill
11 year: 1st Chris Logan  2nd Leo Lister  3rd Chris Hobson
12 year: 1st Noah Dunn  2nd Nicholas Harrop  3rd  Sam Megaw
13 year: 1st David Robinson  2nd Lachie Barrett  3rd Jos Baas


David Robinson

Coastal Cross Country

Another fantastic afternoon as we hosted Coastal Taranaki and Oakura Year 4-6 students in the Interschool cross country. Congratulations to all our students on their running, especially the following Omata students who were placed in the top 10 of their age group and qualify for the Taranaki Cross Country.

9 and under: Annie Jones (8th)
10 years and over girls: Yannika Harrop (1st) Jana Niedermayr (6th)
10 years and over boys: Chris Logan (1st) Roy Avery (6th)

Cross Country

The day had come, it was time for the Omata School cross country. As nervous kids made their way down towards the Waireka track, tension rose between the various ages.

“Welcome kids and their families” Mr Murphy boomed out of his speaker phone. “Let’s start with the five and six year olds”

As the trembling kids made their way towards the starting line, the clapper went and the race began. After all the juniors had completed their races, Mr Murphy announced that the seniors races were about to begin. This race was going to be be harder as the seniors had to run an extra track which involved running through knee deep water, about one kilometre more than the juniors. It started with the year threes and finished with the year eights.

Our very successful cross country was concluded with a lemonade ice block for the juniors (which was much appreciated).

We were so lucky to have a beautiful sunny day and we really appreciate Mr and Mrs Mathews allowing us to run over Waireka Estate. Unlike the America’s Cup, our cross country is about having fun, trying hard and giving it your best, not just coming first.

By Annabel Jones

Interschool Cross Country Y7/8

11 year Boys:  Leo Lister (7th) Chris Hobson (8th)
12 year Girls:   Annabel Jones (4th)
12 year Boys:  Noah Dunn (5th)  Nicholas Harrop (8th)  Sam Megaw (10th)
13 year Girls:   Maisie Jones (5th)   13 year Boys:  David Robinson (2nd)