No Squabble from this Local Author!

Published October 21, 2013

Local school teacher, Mexican food entrepreneur, surf addict and now author, Isaac Drought has taken up pen and written an entertaining children’s picture book called ‘Alphabet Squabble’.

All the letters of the alphabet live in one place and argue about who are the most important letters.

The more popular letters gang up on the letters X, Y and Z, but X teaches them a valuable lesson about prejudice.

Inspiration for the book came from a young boy who expressed to Isaac one day that the three letters X,Y and Z didn’t seem to get the same attention that other letters got – rather a good point thought Isaac so he wrote a story about it.

The manuscript was sent off to the Joy Cowley Awards competition where it was accepted.

The book has been cleverly illustrated by Jenny Cooper and has sold out its first print run.

The book is suited to four to eight year olds but both young and old will enjoy the banter in the book.

The book is available online and at any local bookstores.

Isaac is hoping to have a reading of the book at Oakura Library in the near future.

Would make an ideal Christmas present!