Omata School gets Creative

Published September 09, 2013

Congratulations to a group of year 7 and 8 Omata School students who competed in the BP Tech Challenge day.

They had a great day competing in the many challenges the event provided. They placed second overall out of nearly 50 different teams from all over Taranaki. The day was a great experience for all the children. It encouraged them to use all their creative skills and to work together as a team. Overall it was about having fun and taking part in the event.

Character Description

Year 6 students have been practicing writing character descriptions from photos provided by the teacher. Here is Louis Hubbard’s description. Louis is 11.

I saw him there, slumped down on the rags begging for change, unwanted, alone. His grey dirty beard which looked like it had gone through an entire lifetime of sadness, sheltered his once brown hair. Eyes dark and soulless, looked black as a cave. Stringy and dirty, his beard resembled waves in the sea, his mouth an island in the middle. Grumpy, he stared at every single person and wished he was the same.

Conor Eager (8) wrote the following

Horrendous Wind

I wake up to the horrific noise of my wooden garage rattling like it has experienced an extreme pain. 

My sister moans and drifts in and out of sleep. Finally, she quits the moaning. 

We slump down the corridor towards the gripping smell of porridge. 

The glass panes begin to do their ‘Samba’ with the wind. The garage joins in. Soon, the whole street is filled with ‘Samba’ windows and rattling garages. 

Our knotted, gnarled cactuses attempt to resist the wind. The wind gives up. Not for long though. Another army of gusts attacks the poor, prickly cacti. But instead of hitting the cacti, it hits a thin, weak tree. Lucky for the tree, we secured it with elastic fabric. 

We gobble up our warming porridge and pack our bags. 

“Time to go!” mum calls. 

We board the silver car of my mum. 

Our car’s windows rattle and start doing the ‘Tango’. 

When we arrive, the wind is horrendous. 

Ms. Brisco’s door was banned for entry due to the terrible wind. 

I hoped the wind would calm down. Finally, just before home time, it calms down! The bell rings for home time. 

We head home. What a horrendous day!
Karen Brisco,