Oakura School are Soccer Champions

Published September 06, 2013

On Wednesday 14th August, Oakura School participated in the division two inter-school soccer final for year 5 and 6 students.

Our team played against St Joseph’s New Plymouth, a team that we had already played and beaten in previous rounds. Our captain was Alfie Armes.

We found it quite challenging playing 11 a side, on a smaller field than what we were used to and the game was a lot harder than the last time we played them. They had good defense, but then so did we!

We played well as a team and battled hard, passing the ball (like Barcelona) and working it into their box for a chance to let us have a shot. Eva Hilliam shot and scored, helped by the rest of the team and made it an excellent start to the game.

Before half time we had a lot of hail which caused the game to get called off for three minutes. After the game was brought back on, the field was really muddy and everybody was slipping and sliding everywhere! Once halftime was over, St Joseph’s fought back to tie, they scored a good goal to bring them back into the game. This goal was scored by Connor from the St Joseph’s team. However Aiden Matchett scored a great second goal to win the match 2-1. A big thanks to St Joseph’s for hosting the game and providing some excellent food!

By Alfie Armes (age 10) and Eva Hilliam (age 9).