Oakura Bowling gets Rolling!

Published September 24, 2013

Oakura Bowling Club is open for the season! 

Of course bowling goes on all year round but the competitive rounds start soon.

The club is able to field an interclub team to compete so we look forward to hearing some results.

For those who aren’t so competitive the club has plenty to offer.  Membership is around 60 people so social bowls is a great option.

The club wants to encourage any families, new people, young people, old people or single people to come along and join in either on Friday evenings or Sunday afternoons for some non-combative fun.  Bowls is a sport that you can play if you are fit or not so fit, skilled or not so skilled.  The family aspect makes it a great outdoor activity to do with the whole family, whether they are tiny or older and the benefits of being outdoors and semi active are positive.

Contact 7527639 for more details.