Fit the Same Clothes for a Lifetime!

Published September 13, 2013

Can I really be energetic, strong and have the same clothes size for a lifetime?

Absolutely YES, but you will probably have to change the way you view exercise and food.

Find exercise you enjoy, don’t take up running if you hate it, try cycling, playing squash or tennis, joining an exercise class or getting something together with a few friends, or any other activity, just find something you enjoy or at least enjoy the most out of all activity choices you have available.

If you enjoy it, you’ll keep doing it.

Focus on how you feel afterwards not before.

And don’t forget incidental exercise, no more escalators use the stairs, walk around while chatting on the cordless/mobile phone, park in the furthest park from the shop and use a basket instead of a trolley (if possible).

View food as fuel and not with emotion.  If you had a luxury sports car would you put the cheapest fuel into it?  What sort of performance would you expect?

Your body is more important than any motor vehicle, it’s the only one you’ve got, you can’t trade it in, you can’t change it and you’ll never get a new one, so please look after it, fueling it with the best sources of energy.

Moderation is also very important.  A treat here and there is great but don’t finish the entire box of chocolates or packet of biscuits.

Even if you eat extremely healthy food, portion size is important.  I don’t think you’d feel too good if you ate a kilogram of broccoli, no matter how healthy broccoli is.

Love your body, look after it, it’s the only one you have to live in.

Estelle Williams.