A Word from the Editor

Published September 17, 2013

This month we profile the candidates who have put their names forward to be elected to the Kaitake Community Board. 

There are eight nominations but only four positions. I would like to applaud these eight people for putting themselves forward because it shows they all care for our local community and what happens in it.

It is now up to each voter to select the four people they think best represents the interests of the whole community.  These people give up their free time to grapple with the issues affecting the community. It’s a shame we can’t have all the candidates to represent us!

As we were driving through Spotswood the other day my teenage son asked me “what is a telephone exchange?”

You will have noticed they have cut all the trees back from the telephone exchange on Ngamotu Rd and you can read the words ‘telephone exchange’ on the building.

I was dumbfounded as I couldn’t really say what a telephone exchange was. I could imagine his brain thinking that must be where you exchange your old phone for a new one!  When I was a kid we had a boarder once and she worked at the Okato Telephone Exchange and I remember she used to push plugs into different sockets to connect people and if she was nosy, listen in on people’s phone conversations. (Now we have the GCSB!)

I’m pretty sure there are no pretty ladies connecting callers in the Spotswood Exchange!  Also at present in Spotswood the ultrafast broadband cable is being laid underground – what a juxtaposition of technology.

When my son is my present age will he be trying to explain to his children what ultrafast broadband is and struggling to remember the concept…