Ravioli Master Class at Okurukuru

Published August 20, 2013

Fun, fun!  A morning spent in the Okurukuru kitchen with Danger learning to make ravioli. 

Where else would the head chef invite you into his domain to learn his tricks of the trade and I had such fun (always fancied myself as a Master chef contestant!)

Danger had already made the confit duck filling for the ravioli and it tasted delicious – his own version confited in rendered duck fat – obviously I wouldn’t go to this trouble at home – I’d pay him to do it for me – probably go for a simpler filling of chicken or prawn or spinach and feta.

I have never made pasta before so it was all new to me. Danger showed me the recipe and set me to work – simple! It is relatively simple in a commercial kitchen as they have all this fancy high spec gear but you do have to follow the correct recipe to get a good result so tick. The dough is kneaded vigorously then rested. Following resting the dough is rolled out in a pasta machine – again this is a super sized one but a domestic machine does the same job. With multiple rolling and dustings of flour the result is a thin sheet of dough ready to be cut out in rounds and the filling placed on top. The edges are crimped together and the corners squeezed together to make perfect little ravioli. These are dried off then cooked in salted water and served with a hearty duck, cream, herb and tomato sauce – yum.

I came home and made the recipe again just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke! And it wasn’t!

I wonder what master class two is…