Meet the local Fire Chief

Published August 29, 2013

Fire Chief Matt Crabtree

Where do you live?
Wairau Road

Two Teenage girls – Georgia & Sophie

What is your association with Oakura
Fire Chief Oakura Volunteer Fire Brigade
Loved the beach as a teeenager , so moved to the village, great place to raise kids

What is your job?
My Full time Job – Fire Safety Officer – Taranaki
Volunteer- Fire Chief Oakura – Command / Manage the Oakura Fire Brigade and Staff

What do you love about your job?
Protecting what people value the most, being with the other fire fighters in Oakura.
The people I meet in the wider Taranaki area – the places I get to visit behind the scenes, where the general public don’t go
Educating all ages on Fire Safety & Fire prevention – Fires are fast and people underestimate the speed of fire and the damage it causes.

What is something you hate about your job?
Attending fatal motor vehicle accidents & fatal fires – there is no need for people to die on our roads or in house fires.
Seeing the damage that occurs and a life time of memories destroyed in minutes that can’t be replaced and how it affects families.

Favourite past time?
The surf at Oakura beach
Two things on your bucket list
Climb the mountain / Travel overseas to visit family

Also maybe how you managed to squash the fire truck!!
The Oakura Brigade was assisting the New Plymouth Brigade at a structure fire on Barrett road. Strong wind and old pine trees, not a good combination and the appliance parked in the wrong place at the wrong time, tree branches and the trunk landed on the cab. The appliance has superficial damage and will be back operationally shortly. No Oakura fire fighters were hurt.