Plainmotion takes to the Stage

Published July 22, 2013

A youth band set up in April this year features local youth Martin Leith (17 years). Martin attends New Plymouth Boys High School and their group ‘Plainmotion’ came second in the recent regional Smokefree Rockquest school band competition. They also won the People’s Choice award.

The band consists of Martin on guitar, Joel Robertson on guitar and backing vocals, Jake McComb on bass, Connor Rust on percussion and Ethan Taylor as lead vocalist.

The group play original music with the lyrics composed by Ethan and Connor and the entire band collaborates to write the music. Five songs have now been recorded.

The band has played at the West Coast School of Rock as a feature band and will also be playing at NPBHS during Arts Week in week four this term. They are hoping to play at the Festival of Lights in the summer.

The group’s music can best be described as pop or alternative rock and Martin goes further to say it is their own unique blend of music – whatever way you listen to it, it is clear the boys enjoy themselves and have fun together.

Martin has been a keen musician for most of his life, beginning on violin at five then progressing to guitar.

Martin is in five bands at NPBHS and would probably spend 15 hours plus each week playing or practicing. He currently has private tuition with Ross Halliday. Ross says “Martin’s one of a number of very gifted students I’m teaching at the moment. He’s got a passionate dedication to improvement through numerous hours of practical study on guitar – this is the key to his considerable ability. Recently progressing into the complex world of jazz, Martin’s intuitive improvisation and vibrant touch is very rare for one of his age. He’s a shining example to prospective guitarists that hard work is the key to success.”

Martin says jazz is one of his preferred music genres. He is inspired by other music too and musicians (bands) such as Evermore and New Empire are top of the list.

When not on guitar or performing in a band, Martin is following another passion – flying. He intends on going to Massey University when he finishes school to gain a Bachelor of Aviation then become a pilot.

Congratulations and we wish you every success with your music.