Omata School Sweeten Heatherlea Residents

Published July 26, 2013

Sweets for the Elderly. Our year 2 and 3 class have just completed a topic that involved inviting their grandparents into the classroom and visiting the residents a Heatherlea Rest Home.

The children made sweets as gifts and performed songs. This was an amazing unit and provided opportunities for interviews, discussions, poetry and stories.
These are two thank you poems to the residents:

When I was Young

Remember that time when a salty drip ran down your face
and dissolved into your dry skin?
Do you remember when you shared your special secrets around
and when you just came to school and you were shy?
I do remember that special things happened.

Thank you,
Ruby Glennie.

Dear Residents

Feel happy and young
Let memories spread
Forget your age
There’s no time you can’t be happy
So feel happy and young forever

Charlotte Butler.