Of Tricks, Flips and Broken Bones

Published July 30, 2013

Passion is the best motivator in the world and it’s not hard to find passion in local teenager Finn Robertson (17 years).

Finn is an absorbed and fanatical skateboarder who turns heads when out on his skateboard. His peers say he is one of the best. He has competed at regional level in the U16’s and finished first in 2011. He then competed at Nationals in Auckland where he finished 23rd. In March this year Finn competed again at the regional champs at East End and finished with U16 Best Trick and a second placing in the Open Men’s. Finn’s best trick was a ‘switch tre flip down a five’!

The goofy skater from Spotswood College is hoping to get to Nationals in Christchurch later in the year.

The love of skateboarding began when Finn and his family shifted to Oakura about six years ago. Finn says everyone in the village and at Oakura Primary School was into skateboarding so he just joined in and he hasn’t stopped. In 2008 when the TOM asked Finn what he wanted to do when he left school he said he wanted to be a pro skater so his passion has endured. Russell Laird, regional judge says “Finn has undeniable talent on a skateboard but what makes him better is his humble way at which he goes about it all. That’s a great mix of someone the next generation can admire and look up to.”

Finn says there are always new tricks to learn and he enjoys pushing himself. The buzz comes when you land your trick and you finally ‘get it’. A trick to be mastered sometime soon is one of the hardest and is called a ‘nollie laser flip back nose blunt’. Skateboarding is a self taught sport and one you get better at by lots of practice. Having limited fear helps I’m sure! Plus no fear about breaking your bones or gear!

Finn rates Shaun Malto from the US as his favourite skater.

Season’s Cheapskates currently sponsor Finn and his favourite board is a ‘Death Wish’. Finn says boards last between one and three weeks and shoes about a month so having sponsorship is important! The sport is definitely about being seen with the ‘right’ gear, the sport has a unique culture and language most of us struggle to grasp. But you can’t deny the passion skateboarding arouses in its devotees.

Finn is taking each day as it comes but would like to work in the skateboarding industry if he can or alternatively gain a qualification in landscaping. In the meantime there are tricks to master and chicks to impress! And hopefully no more broken bones!

Keep the passion alive.