Art on a Plate

Published July 17, 2013

Kaitake Kindergarten is about to undertake its biggest fundraiser for the year. ‘Art on a Plate’ will take place at Okurukuru with a three course meal from renowned chef Sohnke Danger. Alongside the dinner an auction of impressive art from well known and emerging local artists will take place.

Overall we have approximately 20 artists who have kindly allowed 1-3 pieces of their work to be auctioned to benefit Kaitake Kindergarten. Just to give you a taste of what will be available to you on the night, here is a selection of some of the artists that will be featuring their art work for auction:

Graham Kirk

Graham Kirk was born in Hawera in 1948 and began creating his own comic strips at the age of nine. He is known for his monumental paintings which often incorporate a superhero or a well know personality into a New Zealand or UK landscape. Graham’s work has been influenced by interesting juxtapositions from a repertoire of images from newspapers, books, television and his own photographs.

Graham never wanted to be a painter in the traditional sense, working from sketches or painting from life. He’s always preferred the immediacy of the snapshot image, and there has always been something about the photographic ‘truth’ that appeals to him. Graham now lives high on the slopes of Mt Taranaki with his wife, Glenda West, who is also an artist.


Peter Lambert

Peter Lambert is based in Taranaki and has worked as a full time painter and print-maker since 1982. He originally studied at Canterbury University, graduating with a BSC in pure Mathematics, and went on to work in TV as a presentation and programme director for five years. Peter has also travelled extensively through Europe, North America and the Pacific, drawing and painting on the way.

More recently Peter has worked on a number of projects with young street/graffiti artists in New Zealand. Peter is often seen out and about with his sketch book capturing a quick line drawing of people or the local landscape of Taranaki. He has always drawn and enjoys the fluidity of lines and his love of the landscape of the region is captured in his silhouettes of the mountain in different lights.


Isaac Petersen

Born and bred on the coastal shores of New Plymouth, Isaac Petersen developed his passion for the surf and the sea from an early age. Isaac’s art is an expression of his love for this exciting, wild but very beautiful corner of the world.

After excelling in art at school, he studied Graphic Design at Taranaki Polytech, graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2003. It was while studying, he sold his first painting. As the demand for his “local landscapes” increased, Isaac started to paint fulltime and still lives by the sea in New Plymouth.  He predominantly uses oil on canvas and his works have been taken as far away as Australia, America, England and Europe.


Douglas Reid

Jason Douglas Reid is a full-time, self-taught New Zealand artist living between the mountain and the ocean in Taranaki. The majority of his paintings are landscapes which combines his enthusiasm for artistic endeavour with his love of the great outdoors. Regardless of the subject matter his aim is always to create works that are evocative, immersive and enjoyable.


Alby Carter

Alby Carter is an expressionist painter and woodblock printmaker of the Taranaki landscape. Born in Wellington in 1949, Alby moved to Hawera in 1982 and began painting full-time in 1986. Alby describes his work as surrealist and abstract expressionist capturing the mood rather than the reality. Alby’s work is heavily influenced by his surroundings of the sea, mountain, forest and farms, and he has exhibited works all over the world and throughout New Zealand.

‘Art on a Plate’ is now in its fifth year running and has been gaining strength every year. This year we would like to continue this trend.

For those who wish to have the opportunity to purchase some spectacular art and indulge in some fine food and have a good time you would need to keep Friday the 20th of September free. Tickets for ‘Art on aPlate’ can be purchased from Kaitake Kindergarten and are selling now.  As there are limited tickets – be in quick. Tickets cost $55/ticket. Phone: 7527016. Funds raised will be put towards Kaitake Kindergarten building upgrades.

Artworks featured not necessarily the art works for sale.

See you all there for a great night.