The TOM Group Ltd publishes one monthly community magazine in the Oakura/Omata area. This area is a flourishing and vibrant community and the village of Oakura is home to a wide range of talented and enthusiastic people. Many internationals make their home in Oakura and the village has grown substantially in the last decade.

TOM-Oakura carries specific information about local events and people, making the ‘news’ relevant to the community. The emphasis is on positive, interesting current events and historical information.

Non-profit organisations, such as sports clubs, publish regular articles on their activities and without the TOM, would struggle to find a regular voice in the community.

Schools, preschools, kindergartens and playcentre are another feature of the TOM and the publicity in the TOM is exciting for the children and is a positive way for schools to raise their profile.

The TOM publications regularly feature individuals who have had recent success in their chosen field, i.e. sport, music, school, work, etc.